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Ingredients for Success

Posted by Dave on April 24, 2010 at 6:50 PM

A common misconception is that talent is a key element in success. Actually, numerous studies indicate that perseverance and a passion for the subject or goals are far more important. Talent can help, but a burning desire and a refusal to give up are more likely to yield positive results.


One worry is that fewer kids are able to muster the kind of perseverance necessary for success. Our instant gratification culture where everything is delivered right now, on demand, means that kids aren’t as used to making sustained long term efforts as kids were even 20 years ago.


I’m all for kids feeling a little frustrated from time to time. It teaches patience, humility, and most important, the value of perseverance. The next time your child wants something “right now,” especially something they don’t really need but just want, try giving them a little “vitamin N” – “NO.” Put it off for a while, or make them earn it instead.

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