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                Parenting Basics 101

                                    Learn how to be a better parent using tried and true methods

Tried and true parenting - no gimmicks, no fads

You won't find the latest parenting fads and ideas here - only what's been proven to work by generations of savvy parents with lots of common sense. Your grandparents would approve!

Parenting Basics 101 is more about philosopy than technique, grounded in experience and supported by modern research. It doesn't assume that parents need to be told what to do at every turn, but instead trusts that they can rely on their instincts once they understand how it all works.

I try to present all ideas and concepts in simple, clear language, without a lot of fluff. Parenting Basics 101 gets right to the point. Start with the Back to Basics Outline, and then head to the Parenting Blog.


Dave C.